Pastors & Staff

Shawn & Shelaine Everhart


Pastors Shawn and Shelaine Everhart, alongside their cherished daughter Ainsley, are fervently committed to shepherding individuals towards a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Through their unwavering dedication, they strive to cultivate spiritual maturity and service to Christ. Their goal is to continually preserve the historical foundation of Bethel Tabernacle, while pressing forward to see the promises of God fulfilled.

David L. Fauss


Pastor David Fauss has served as Pastor of Bethel for four decades. He maintains an unwavering passion to witness people embrace Jesus. His enduring commitment to shepherding souls reflects a profound dedication to the congregation and an unyielding desire for spiritual transformation within the community.

Robert Gilstrap

Pastoral Elder

Pastoral Elder, Robert Gilstrap, has evangelized and pastored for many years across the U.S.. during his ministry. After retiring, he and his wife moved to Houston, Texas to be close to their family. He has served Bethel through the years as the Adult teacher for Sunday School, and has given great wisdom to the pastors.

Robert Armstrong

Serving The community (Nonprofit)

Robert Armstrong, not only serves on the Bethel team, he leads with compassion and dedication with Serving the Community, tirelessly working within our church community to create positive change and leave a lasting impact for a better tomorrow.